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Water source chillers and heat pumps with oil free centrifugal compressors and HFO R1234ze

MEHITS is pleased to announce the launch of TX2-W-G04, the new water source range of chillers and heat pumps (reversible on the hydraulic side) for comfort applications with oil free centrifugal compressors and HFO R1234ze refrigerant, covering a wide capacity range from 191 to 2069 kW.

TX2-W-G04 consists of two families:

  • TX2-W-G04, cooling only chiller for comfort applications

  • TX2-W-G04/H, reversible heat pump on the hydraulic side, for comfort applications

The complete range is Eurovent certified, and, thanks to the leading Turbocor technology, all the sizes far exceed the SEER minimum seasonal efficiency limit of 2021 imposed by EcoDesign Directive.

Designed to be greener than ever

TX2-W-G04 takes the best of the combination of the HFO R1234ze refrigerant, which has a negligible GWP, and the Turbocor compressors technology that are designed to work perfectly with this refrigerant.

Best in class efficiency

The whole family offers a wide range of cooling capacity with brilliant performances; efficiency is extremely high and can reach an EER of 6,21 and a SEER of 10,16 (Nominal conditions).

These outstanding characteristics are coupled with a wide operating range, capable of reaching up to 50°C of condenser leaving water temperature.

Powerful, yet compact

The best-in-class performances are coupled with a very compact footprint, making TX2-W-G04 one of the most compact units in the market.

All the sizes are designed to fit inside a container, for transportation without worries.

Silence friendly

TX2-W-G04 is good also for reducing the noise level: the structure of the unit has been in fact designed expressly to host the optional acoustical enclosures, that are able to significantly reduce the sound power level, and are available in 2 versions:

  • Basic acoustical enclosure: -14 dB(A)

  • Plus acoustical enclosure: -18 dB(A) (best-in-class)

Modern control interfaces and logics

KIPlink (Keyboard In your Pocket) user interface, standard equipment for TX2-W-G04, gives direct access through smartphone, tablet, or notebook to the working logics of the W3000+ control thanks to Wi-Fi technology, enabling local and remote monitoring of the unit. A completely new 7” touch screen HMI is available as an option as well.

Among the many innovations in the logics, TX2-W-G04 will always achieve great working conditions thanks to these proprietary settings:

  • Optimized compressors’ envelope management that manages always achieves the ideal compression ratio, rotation speed and opening of the valves; all this ensures that the compressors will always work in a safety zone, also granting better efficiency.

  • Jumping staging function; in units with multiple compressors, W3000+ will always enable this logic during partialization to reach the most efficient combination of compressors.

Wide choice of options and functions

A vast selection of options is available to fulfil any requirement, including:

  • Smart current limit

  • Internal leak detection control, without needing external devices

  • Advanced energy metering options

  • Evaporator/condenser hydraulic connections on opposite sides

  • LAN functions: Multi Manager

  • User side flow controls for constant or variable flow

Main selling points

  • R1234ze HFO refrigerant with a near-zero GWP

  • Turbocor compressor technology, designed around the HFO refrigerant

  • Vast capacity range, over 2 MW

  • BEST IN CLASS efficiency: SEER & EER coupled with compact footprint

  • Unbeatable sound power levels

  • Unique specifications for group functions: Multi Manager and ClimaPRO+

The Marketing Tools available are:

  • ELCA World

  • Data Books

  • Specifications

  • Product Presentations

  • Commercial Brochure

  • Price List

  • Technical Documentation ErP

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