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Products with the finest quality and latest technology

Jinchat have searched over the world for products with the finest quality and latest technology to introduce into our own country. Most imported products are from Europe and possess the common features : High Efficiency, Environmental Friendly with Reasonable Prices.

Air Conditioner


  • Water-cooled & Air-cooled

  • Compressor types: reciprocating, scroll, screw, traditional centrifugal and oil-free centrifugal

  • Efficient and flexible cooling process

  • Could be located in the centre of the building or even on the roof

  • Provides accurate temperature control

  • Useful for variable air volume (VAV) applications

Air Conditioner


Jinchat is the No.1 CRAC providers in the Greater China area with a MARKET share of more than 30%. The factory was located in Padova, Italy and has over 35 years experience in the manufacturing of CRACs.

  • Product ranges from 6kW to 200kW for chilled water unit; 6kW to 99kW for air- cooled unit

  • All products equipped with the latest energy saving features e.g. EC fan and scroll digital compressor



Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the key to a reliable operation. Jinchat has installed UPS systems from the most basic single phase units to sophisticated multi-module parallel redundant 3 phase installations serving larger, complex and more power sensitive operations.

  • Products ranging from 1kVA to 800kVA.

  • 7×24 operation



The key to an effective Data Center electrical power system is the manner in which distribution is accomplished.
Be it a completely new site, an old site needing improvement, a relocation project or simply a WR(2) renewal, there is a solution with Jinchat.



Raised floor system creates a flexible chamber for wire management and the distribution of heating and cooling services as well as providing a clean and organized environment.

Jinchat source Raised Floor System from all over the world to match your taste, your budget and your technical needs.

  • Italian-made panels completed with glass, marbles, metal and precious stones finishes

  • local-made panels for general use.



Moisture below the floor can damage wiring or equipment and cause costly downtime.  An under floor water detection system can give you an immediate warning. Whether it is thousands square feet data center or hundreds square feet of computer room, Jinchat have different water leakage detection strategies to meet your needs and budgets.

Air Conditioner


Fire protection is an absolute necessity for your business's survival.  In the unfortunate event of a fire, heat and smoke can quickly damage delicate electronic equipment.  There are lots of available solutions to address the issue. Apart from the generally known FM200, Jinchat have many other choices. Whether you belong to the budget-type, the Green Pioneer, or the Safety First kind, talk to our engineers and your needs will be fulfilled.

Standing Air Conditioner


The sooner you know a problem exists, the sooner the problem can be resolved.  With systems that are expected to be up 100% of the time, down time must be kept to a minimum.  With a site monitoring system you can monitor any or all of the following:

  • Power

  • Fire/Smoke

  • UPS

  • MVAC

  • Generator

  • Leak detection

  • Temperature/Humidity

  • Intrusion

From a simple few-thousand-dollars monitoring system to an extensive full-coverage monitoring plus control system, call Jinchat for a solution.

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