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Top 20 Enterprises in China's Geothermal Industry


Climaveneta has been manufacturing and arranging water ground source heat pump units since 1976, it’s over 50 years. Earning a reputation for reliability and stability with thousands of successful projects worldwide. Notably, since the first commercial operation of a water ground source heat pump unit in China in 1996, several thousand Climaveneta pumps have proven their maturity and advanced technology, recognized by cuusers for their reliable operation even in demanding environments. The strength of the Climaveneta heat pump is a testament to their expertise, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, energy-efficient solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

Climaventa is a prominent global manufacturer of central and precision air conditioning systems. We take pride in supporting national energy policies through the provision of efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly air conditioning solutions. Our commitment to continuous technological integration and innovation is driven by our desire to create green and energy-saving products that provide consistent comfort. Our focus on established technology and high-quality engineering enables us to offer our customers energy-saving and efficient products and solutions, coupled with timely and refined service systems. Upholding our dedication to green development, we remain steadfast in advancing towards our objectives while never losing sight of our original vision.



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