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Product Update - ClimaPRO+

In order to always offer the most advanced products in terms of features and customer experience, we are pleased to announce three new functionalities for ClimaPRO+, our customizable solution for plant room optimizing.

Dedicated to Comfort and Process applications, the new functionalities are very important updates to improve the customer experience, in specific:

  • New PUMPS page: Dedicated overview of all pumps connected to ClimaPRO+ for energy consumption evaluation, alarms and events recording and main parameters displaying (working hour, speed, frequency).

  • New SOURCE page: Dedicated overview of all source devices connected and controlled by ClimaPRO+ (cooling towers, dry coolers...) and their main operating parameters.

  • New PROCOP/PROEER widget: Improvement of existing feature for giving to the energy managers an intuitive point of view on unit performances compare to the design data. Function included as STD for all standard unit

These new pages will be included in each ClimaPRO+ as standard to increase the product value compared to other competitors and to offer a MEHITS energy evaluation tool, which is compliant with even the most detailed specifications.











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