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ClimaPRO+New Energy Report Function

In order to always offer the most advanced products in terms of features and customer experience, we are pleased to announce a new functionality for ClimaPRO+, our customizable solution for plant room optimizing.

Dedicated to Comfort, Process, and IT Cooling applications, the new Energy Report function is a crucial update in terms of energy monitoring related to all devices controllable by ClimaPRO+, therefore units, pumps, and source devices in a centralized plant room.

Nowadays, where energy savings is one of the most valuable assets in any sector and application, this new feature will be a very useful tool for helping Energy Managers and final users to monitor, day by day, the consumption directly related to HVAC systems, providing all the necessary tools for understanding how to save energy in any single plant.

In fact, the Energy Report can generate a PDF which includes detailed information of the plant (for example cost profiles and energy consumption). Data collected can be also consulted directly from any browser through dedicated IP address for real time visualization or, alternatively, by different time basis among monthly, annual, or on-demand option.

Electrical data and measured parameters are mainly shown in the following dashboards of the Energy Report:

  • Plant consumption

  • Unit consumption

  • Auxiliary consumption

    • Pump consumption (primary, secondary, and source side)

    • Additional devices (dry coolers, cooling towers, indoor units etc)

Energy Report will be included in each ClimaPRO+ as standard to increase the product value compared to other competitors and to offer a MEHITS energy evaluation tool, which is compliant with even the most detailed specifications.

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