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From water to ice – Climaveneta added to the Beijing Olympics

When the Olympic flame rose again in Beijing on February 4, 2022, the eyes of the world once again focused on the Chinese capital: Beijing became the first "double Olympic" city in history to host the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games.

The ignition of the flame of the Olympic Games has been accompanied by fraternity and peace, colorful opening ceremonies, blood-boiling winning moments, thrilling competition scenes... The Olympic venues are the fusion and crystallization of culture, architecture, technology and sports.

2022 · 24th Winter Olympic Games • Beijing

Five Pine Ice Sports Center

The "Wukesong Ice Sports Center" has earned a nice name - "Ice Diamond Flower" because of its unique architectural appearance, and it is also the world's largest ultra-low energy consumption physical building with a single area.

"Wukesong Ice Sports Center" has a construction area of 38,400 square meters, including ice hockey rink ground, grandstand and spectator rest area, auxiliary room of training ground, equipment and machine room, public hall and transportation space, sports and cultural comprehensive supporting services and theater; As the ice hockey training and competition venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, it will be mainly used to host top ice sports events at home and abroad after the game, and set up an international professional ice sports club to engage in ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating teaching and training.

"Wukesong Ice Sports Center" design standards reach the highest level of green building - three-star, the project adopts ultra-low energy consumption special technology, the venue through the optimization of building layout, rational use of transparent curtain wall, skylight, sunken square and other natural lighting methods to effectively improve the lighting effect of the venue; The air conditioning system adopts 3 sets of " Climaveneta " high-efficiency water-cooled magnetic levitation frequency conversion centrifugal units to provide extremely low energy consumption air conditioning cold source for summer and transition seasons; All air-conditioning units and fresh air units provided by " Climaveneta " are equipped with full heat recovery devices, with a recovery efficiency of 70%, and the efficient air-conditioning system helps the "Wukesong Ice Sports Center" to become a veritable ultra-low energy consumption "green venue".

Climaveneta Equipment Solutions:

Water cooled chiller with oil-free centrifugal compressor: 3 sets

"Stars" series of combined air conditioning units: 38 units

"Qingfeng" series fan coils: 303 units

2008 · 29th Summer Olympic Games , Beijing

In 2008, the Olympic Games came to China for the first time, and a song "Welcome to Beijing" was popular all over the streets, and everyone in the country was proud and celebrating. Although fourteen years have passed since the Beijing Olympics that year, the grand event of that year is still fresh in the memory of " Climaveneta ".

Olympic Water Park

Beijing Olympic Water Park, located in Shunyi District, Beijing, hosted rowing, kayaking (water purification, rapids slalom), marathon swimming and Paralympic rowing events during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where a total of 32 Olympic gold medals were awarded. It was officially opened to the public in 2009, was rated as a national 4A-level scenic spot in 2010, and established the Shunyi District Water Sports Association in 2015, 2017 In 2019, the Shunyi District Ice and Snow Sports Association was established, and in 2019, it was officially named the National Beijing Shunyi Sports Training Base by the State General Administration of Sports.

Beijing Olympic Water Park adapts to local conditions, uses low-grade energy as an energy harvesting source, and adopts water source heat pump air conditioning to meet the heating and cooling needs of the venues.

Climaveneta Equipment Solutions:

High efficiency screw water source heat pumps: 2 sets

2008 -2022, fourteen Olympics, fourteen years of flow, fourteen years of memories....

The grand opening of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 8, 2008 seems to be in front of you, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is like stepping on the "big footprints" in the sky of Beijing City on that night fourteen years ago, step by step.

2008 - 2022, from "on the water" to "on the ice", green and beautiful, tradition and modernity, fairness and fraternity of the Olympic event, has always had our presence, Climaveneta for the Olympic Games, let the world see a civilized, magnificent, enthusiastic, scientific and technological China.

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