Why Does Hospital Temperature Matter?

A hospital is considered to be a safe place that contributes to the well-being of patients and prevents the spread of disease. Hence, maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity, along with maintaining a clean, germ-free environment must be given special attention in this sector. The temperature, humidity levels, and good ventilation can affect the equipment and procedures in operating rooms, isolation rooms, and other sensitive areas within the hospital. A proper HVAC s

VFD Chillers & Green Refrigerants  

‘Diversity’ is synonymous with today’s world for existence. It is even more profound, in the recent years of Pandemic for evolution. Whatever subject we take up, this particular word takes its rightful place in that topic. Even in today’s modern buildings, with versatile architecture, be it IT parks, Data Centres, Hospitals, Shopping Malls cum Multiplex & Mixed-use applications have experienced the sense of Diversity in their building and varying Air Conditioning load profile

The New & Improved Adiabatic Kit 2.0

History With the increased usage of Air Cooled Chillers over the last 10 years, solutions are also being worked out to improve efficiency and reduce the operating cost, particularly during high ambient & dry conditions(low RH). For cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, etc. The adiabatic cooling solution has emerged as one of the growing trends in this regard. Over the last decade, there have been few practical issues with this technology, which we are pro

Compressor Starters In Chiller

Motor starters are used to handle the high electrical current that motors draw momentarily when they are started from standstill. The starters are also used for protecting the motors from the excessive heat of overloads during regular operation. Motor starting current can be several times of what the motor draws at its operating speed. Usually fuse or circuit breaker will be used along with the starters, for the protection. These are the type of starters widely used for comp

Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water System

The advancement in technology for HVAC controls applied to chilled-water systems makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs. Chillers are the biggest power consuming equipment in the chiller system but other equipment such as pumps, cooling towers and or dry coolers, Cooling tower fans and other motors should also be considered A variable flow distribution pumping system to serve the HVAC load is one of the methods to reduce the initial cost an