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The Climaveneta Plant Manager

The most common practice followed for chiller plant operation is through Building Management System (iBMS). However, the chiller plant performance is dependent on various factors like Ambient Temperature, Chilled Water Temperature and the Load Variation, which standard BMS might not be able to consider. In other words, operating chiller plant just based on the water temperature is not the efficient way. We need dedicated operating and optimized power & running solution for the chiller plant.

The objective of Chiller Plant Manager is to manage & optimize the operation of Chillers, Water Pumps, and other ancillary equipment in a plant room.

The Climaveneta Plant Manager is designed & developed to operate the plant room in an efficient way without any manual intervention.


I. LOAD MANAGEMENT1. Temperature Control of CHW2. Soft Start – gradual loading at start3. Inrush Current Control4. Fail Proof – continued operation of the plant based on last command, in case of CPM failure5. Adaptive Set Point

II. SEQUENCING1. Chiller Rotation2. Standby takeover-in case of chiller failure3. Chiller start up sequencing4. Chiller shut down sequencing III. USER INTERFACE1. System Status Display2. Alerts & Alarm Logging3. System Security for Various Levels4. Third Party Interface5. Cloud Integration6. Remote Monitoring

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