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Optimal Cooling Solutions For Complex I.T. Environments!

Climaveneta’s new range of specialized I.T. cooling systems makes it possible to keep the temperature and humidity constant through a very wide load variation, ensuring the correct room conditions, efficiency, and reliability! Two crucial factors need to be taken into account while designing the perfect cooling system for I.T. environments: Density and Capacity. Mitsubishi Electric’s wide range of products allows you to choose the correct balance between these two, to meet your application requirements.

Low-Density Applications Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC units) are located around the perimeter of the data room. These systems draw warm air from the racks, while cooler conditioned air is typically blown from under a raised floor and out through grilles to the front of the server racks. This creates hot and cold aisles within the data room.

Medium-Density Applications Perimeter CRAC units are combined with aisle containment for medium density applications. In this type, the cold and hot air streams are physically separated to ensure no mixing, while preventing hot spots from occurring. Mixing can be avoided by going with either cold aisle or hot aisle containment.

High-Density Applications For the highest density applications, the addition of a localized cooling system can meet the heavy demands of the system. In-row, in-rack, or rear door coolers are used to bring the conditioned air to the server inlet. Commonly referred to as ‘close-coupled air conditioning’ this system ensures optimum temperature for the servers within the rack.

Our Products: Peripheral Cooling Units: DX Air & Water Cooled units ranging from 5 kW to 150 kW Sensible capacity & chilled water units ranging till 225 KW Dual fluid (ref + water) units available till 150 KW Double chilled water coil till 240 kW

Close-coupled cooling units for High-Density applications: Utilizing the latest generation of cooling technologies to prevent the risk of hot spots in the data centers, the goal of close-coupled air conditioning is to bring the cooling technology near to the heat source. Available in DX, CHW & Dual fluid mode with capacities ranging from 5 kW to 58 kW, these systems are used along with containment for better cooling! With all these technological advancements, Climaveneta assures product performance and quality is a key factor to sustain in the market. All Climaveneta products undergo multilevel quality checks and testing, making them the safest and the best bet for your businesses and more!

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