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Modern multi-function buildings such as shopping centers, office complexes, hotels and wellness centers require highly customized plants that are able to guarantee perfect comfort, maximum efficiencies and energy savings! Although this can be quite a challenge for any HVAC solutions, many years of experience in these applications has led Climaveneta to develop its own solution to the main challenges posed by these structures: Integra! . 

Modern buildings are characterized by opposite overlapping loads for which Integra provides the most advanced solutions of producing cooling and heating capacity simultaneously with a single unit. This system is also suitable for air conditioning buildings that require separate areas to be cooled and heated at the same time. Integra guarantees perfect comfort throughout the year with maximum efficiency! It has been designed to maximize the useful effect of the unit in all working conditions.

Listed below are the functions that Integra can perform and cater to all the comfort requirements that these modern-age buildings demand!

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

Modern multi-function buildings include areas dedicated to different functions with variable heat loads, combined with a large percentage of glass surfaces requiring simultaneous demand for heating and cooling during the year, based on climatic conditions. Integra has the ability to manage the overall capacity, which refers to both cooling and heating demands, based on the actual load requirements of the total system.

Growing Attention to Comfort

The need to guarantee ideal temperature, humidity, and air quality conditions throughout the year means that system solutions must be provided in order to offer a zero-compromise answer for the comfort requirements of different users. Integra’s operational flexibility is total: all combinations of heating and cooling loads can be met while maintaining the attention to comfort.

Challenging Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Targets

Optimized investment and reduced operating costs, compliance to progressively stricter regulatory restrictions, attention to environmental impact are increasingly vital factors not only for the value of the property but also for the feasibility of carrying it out. These are some of the major advantages of the Integra all-in-one units.

Ambitious Architectural Solutions

Maximum comfort, simultaneous hot and cold water production, unbeatable energy and system efficiency proves that the advantages of Climaveneta’s INTEGRA all-in-one units installed in a 4-pipe system are limitless!

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