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HVAC Solutions Triumph during the Pandemic

Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning systems (HVAC) related services in India saw unprecedented growth during the last decade and a half. The unforeseen pandemic has had a profound impact on this booming business. This undercurrent has affected the HVAC market all over the globe.

While many indoor spaces like malls, hospitals, commercial buildings are dependant on the HVAC system for maintaining temperature and humidity, it is being said that closed indoor spaces with poor or no natural ventilation are where the super-spreader events are taking place. To mitigate this, technological innovations are being considered for heating and cooling systems.

Climaveneta India has always been at the forefront of bringing the latest technological innovations with smart system integration, in our country. A combination of good quality products and prompt after-sales services is what makes Climaveneta the leaders in the HVAC market.

The post-pandemic approach for us shall be-

1. More emphasis on health even in industrial and commercial settings.

2. Lowering the energy bills.

On the other hand, existing HVAC systems can have a positive impact on indoor spaces by:

– Supplying clean air to people inside.

– Containing contaminated air and exhausting it to the outdoors.

– Diluting the indoor air with cleaner air from outside or by filtering the air.

A defying moment came when Climaveneta India served Dell Data Center in Bangalore in the middle of the pandemic. The delivery and installation were smooth despite odd working hours and social distancing.

The configurations we provided were –

25TR x 4 Nos. PAC

20TR x 2 Nos. PAC

175TR x 2 nos.

The delivery was speedy and installation was completed in record time! Amazing support and feedback from the client fueled us to work more and deliver even better.

During the pandemic, Climaveneta India commissioned a new factory in Bangalore to serve the customers better. The work progressed with ease and systematic procedure because of precautionary measures like social distancing and frequent sanitization of surfaces. This has allowed us to provide employment in the market and produce more HVAC systems. A good number of clients were supported by the timely delivery of equipment to meet the end customer’s requirement

Post-Covid, commercial, industrial and residential buildings shall see a gradual increase in opting for new normal HVAC solutions with Digitisation and remote monitoring being important aspects.

Check out our energy-efficient products here.

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