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‌Heat Pumps That Target Every Need!‌

Heat pump is the best solution for the generation of Hot water for domestic and industrial usages. It uses a refrigerant as an intermediate fluid to absorb heat where it vaporizes – in the evaporator, and then to release heat where the refrigerant condenses i.e. in the condenser. It consumes approximately one-third of the operational cost compared to other hot water generating options. This improves the system efficiency and thus sustainability.

Be it hotels, resorts, healthcare, pharma, industrial, or even food & beverage industries the applications are endless!

Mitsubishi Climaveneta offers a wide range of Heat Pumps capacity from 4 Kw to 1200Kw in both Air/Water and Water/Water configurations. The compressors used are Scroll or Screw depends up on the capacity and hot water temperature requirements.

Air to Water Heat pumps can operate in moderate ambient temperatures and can be installed on terrace with no plant room requirement. The maintenance is lower and by product is cold air which can be used for panel room cooling.

Water to water heat pump reduces the boiler load (if any) and by product is chilled water which can be used to reduce load on the main chillers.

Mitsubishi Climaveneta has great installation references in India across various segments like hospitality, IT/Office etc.

The advantages of the Heat Pump Systems are :

  1. Lower Running Cost – hence savings in OPEX.

  2. Environment Friendly- reduced carbon emission thereby improving system efficiency and sustainability.

  3. Economical Benefit – Fuel cost savings in the boiler.

  4. Energy savings-Less power consumed to generate the same KW of Heat as compared to boiler.

  5. Hassle free- No need of compliance for IBR norms.

  6. Easy to Maintain.

  7. Less space required for installation of systems – making it suitable for addition in the existing plant room and/or retrofit installations.

  8. Available with low GWP eco-friendly refrigerants.

A reversible heat pump option is also available in the air cooled segment which can be used as a chiller during the daytime and as a heat pump during the night time – when the ambient is cold. Hot water so generated can be used for space heating and maintaining comfortable conditions!

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