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Dehumidifying Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are installed where indoor spaces need heating. These also provide 24X7 hot water that can be measured up to 70 degrees. Hot water generated in the heat pump can be used for various processes in the industries. Climaveneta heat pumps are ideal for hotels, restaurants, research labs, and even large scale residential projects. These heat pumps can withstand heavy load and consistently perform well meeting temperature requirements perfectly. Climaveneta heat pumps come with Precise Condensation Control. For water sourced heat pump products like FX-W and FX-W/H, we provide several solutions for managing the condenser water system. A 0-10V signal is provided as standard to control an external modulating valve or the dry-cooler EC fans. Additionally, 2-way modulating valves can be offered as an accessory to control the condenser water flow. The by-product which is chilled water can be used to support the main chillers thereby reducing the chiller load and hence power consumption. The easily installable air source heat pumps can be monitored for temperature by special control enabled, user-friendly unit. It has been specially developed by Climaveneta. These units work on “QUICK MIND” logic: a self-adapting algorithm that helps with condensation control among many features. The heat pump generated hot water and chilled water is used to maintain comfort conditions in the spaces, particularly when the ambient temperature is cold. In industries, it can be used for various processes while hotels and restaurants can use the water for guest rooms and in kitchens.

Heat pumps make efficient use of the heat generated during the refrigeration cycle thus improving the efficiency of the equipment, thereby contributing to the sustainability of mother earth. Choose Climaveneta India for quality products, state-of-the-art technologies, and after-sales services!

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