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Climaveneta Offerings

Climaveneta India offers cooling and heating solutions of Global Standards. These resilient and energy-efficient solutions are suitable for Process Cooling, Comfort Applications and Data Center Cooling.

Highlights for the products:

  1. Offers wide range of cooling solutions for Data Centre applications to improve PUE

  2. Equipment offerings include Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers in screw, centrifugal and maglev type

  3. Precision AC units – chilled water, DX and Dual fluid types

  4. Wide range of Heat Recovery and Heat Pump solutions

  5. Good installation references across Europe, China and India

  6. Round the clock service with good spares inventory

  7. Chiller plant management system for system & power optimization

  8. Special options can be offered including inbuilt pumps, quick start mechanism

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